The Committee

RSL Living History Project Committee

RSL Living History Project Committee At The Launch Of ‘From War To Remembrance – A Living History Of The RSL’.
From left, Dr Neville Green, Dr Pamela Statham Drew, Mr Graham Bland, Ms Naomi Lam, Mr Digger Cleak, Prof John Stephens, Mr Steve Howell, Ms Fleur Rondoni Absent – Ms Jan McCahon Marshall


Hush Puppies Shoes

Hush Puppies Shoes
For almost half a century, Hush Puppies has been designing and producing high-quality and ultra-comfortable shoes for men and women. Today, Hush Puppies Shoes are sold in over 165 countries globally, about 17 million pairs sold every year. The brand has come to be recognized for their signature casual style and comfort for everyday living. 
The enduring symbol of Hush Puppies Shoes is their adorable basset hound: soft, cute, and beloved as the shoes themselves. The worry-free suede that the shoes are constructed of is scuff-resistant, as well as protected against stains and water even with constant use and wear. 
Hush Puppies Shoes has a variety of styles for women, men and children’s shoes. Women’s styles include ballet flats, Oxfords, Mary-Janes, heels, wedges, boots, and sandals. For men’s styles, Oxfords, moccasins, slip-ons, dress shoes, boots, and sandals are also available. There is a Hush Puppies shoe style for every season of the year, and all styles exude premium comfort and heart-warming tradition. Whether feet are ready to cozy up in front of the fire or hit the sidewalk, Hush Puppies has the perfect style in a wide range of sizes. 
The beloved basset hound of Hush Puppies Shoes is bound to put a smile on anyone’s face, and the brand believes that their comfortable and stylish shoes will do the same. The high quality of their manufacturing and materials is as evident as their almost fifty years of experience in crafting shoes for men, women, and children. With so much to love about Hush Puppies Shoes, it’s no wonder their style is often accompanied by a relaxed and carefree grin.

Locating a Dentist Sydney Can Believe In

Locating a Dentist Sydney Can Believe In

If an individual cares about the health and appearance of his teeth, finding a dentist Sydney can trust should be high on his agenda. Without proper dental care, a person puts himself at risk of an assortment of unpleasant oral diseases, after all. Luckily, Sydney is a modern city that’s full of quality choices in dental centres. If a person needs a dentist Sydney can depend on, he’s never ever far away from one. The city is home to a wide array of trusted dental practices, and that’s no exaggeration.

The best part about looking for a dentist Sydney from is the fact that there are so many choices available. That also happens to be the most frustrating part. Since there are so many dental centres in Sydney, people can often find clinics that are perfectly suited to their specific needs. At the same time, the wide assortment of available options can make the search extremely time-consuming and stressful.

A person who needs a dentist in Sydney should take his time and avoid going to the first clinic he sees. If an individual needs to visit a dentist, he should assess his primary concerns first. If he wants whitening procedures for his teeth, he might need to visit a Sydney clinic that priotises that treatment. If he simply needs a routine cleaning, then he can acknowledge that he has many, many choices right in front of him.

If a person needs a dentist in Sydney who can handle emergency jobs, he can easily locate one. Several Sydney dental centres provide emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If a person wakes up in the middle of the night in severe pain due to an immense toothache, knowing about a dependable emergency dentist in the city can often be an extremely smart idea. A number of Sydney dental practitioners provide treatment at all hours of the day and night.

The Benefits of Using Promotional Bags

The Benefits of Using Promotional Bags
Getting a company or organization to the hearts of potential clients takes a great deal of effort. This could explain why some companies resort to using avenues that could even taint the image of their competitors. There are many ways through which a company can earn trust from the public. It all depends on the target audience and how the company is planning to influence the market. One such option is using promotional bags as a way of earning the trust of clients and cementing the relationship between customers and the company. Most people would wonder what benefits the company will get from promotional bags, and here are basic facts that people don’t understand.

Promotional bags, just as the name suggests offer a very effective promotional tool to the company. As more people will be willing to get the bags, this will lead to more knowing about the company. If the promotional bag is designed well, every person that will see it will be interested to get one. How does promotion come in then? Well, people who are looking to get this bag will inquire from their friends. This means they will be directed to the business premises, where they will be able to get apiece for themselves after purchasing certain items. This means if more bags will get to the market, more sales will be recorded and the company will start to gain recognition in the market.

Another thing that one needs to note about promotional bags at Brand me is the fact that they offer a lasting effect when used. A customer will not dispose the bag after one day or two. They will develop some taste and will keep it for many days, months and years to come. Whenever someone walks around carrying the bag, it will have the same effect of popularizing the business as it did at the time the offer was active. This is the easiest way to get the business known to local communities. Promotional bags will enable them to be familiar with the products and services offered by the company. So, if sales are directed to such communities, the company will find it easy to reap great profits. 

On matters concerning expenses, using promotional bags has proved the most effective method. This is unlike TV and print media advertising, which calls for massive investment to have the message delivered to the masses.

Things to Consider When Sourcing Wedding Photography Melbourne Professionals Online

Things to Consider When Sourcing Wedding Photography Melbourne Professionals Online

Searching for items online is one of the easiest processes and has attracted many people to embrace this digital space for all they need. Most importantly, it’s easy to meet with professionals in various areas. The most challenging thing is to identify genuine people from scammers online. The nature of this space makes it difficult to separate genuine people from fraudulent dealers. So, when looking for wedding photography Melbourne professionals, it is necessary to ensure that much care is taken so as to land in the hands of reliable people who have been in the practice for many years. 

Before transacting anything online, it is advisable to take note of the need to have proper security measures implemented. Some people go online with the sole aim to fetch the personal details of others for hacking purposes. So, when contacting a wedding photography Melbourne by, verify to ensure the person is from a genuine company. Otherwise, it is easy to fall in the hands of conmen. Do some research prior to entrusting someone with personal details that show things like location and addresses that can lead to access of bank details. If a company requires that clients should pay through online means, getting reviews about them before making payment could help a lot. 

Also check to ensure the company in question has been operational for many years. Some new entrants to this market are merely after making lots of money without caring about service quality. Do not trust their page descriptions and promises as this could sway one to making the wrong choices. Get real facts about the time the company was launched and previous projects they have managed to handle successfully. Not all wedding photography Melbourne experts may prove invaluable. Many people have lost money searching for wedding photography Melbourne professionals after realizing the people they hired could not deliver accordingly. 

Be careful with personal details. No person should demand such information and if they do, they should not be given for whatever reasons. The online world is filled with all sorts of people and it is not easy to know who might be fraudulent. Real wedding photography Melbourne professionals may not request any personal details so as to be hired.

Try Homeopathy for the best cold sore remedy

Try Homeopathy for the best cold sore remedy

You can boost your immune system and enhance the healing process with homeopathic remedies.

A very common homeopathic remedy is Nat Mur, which can be found in many health food stores. It should be taken when the first signs of burning and tingling appear. It’s the best cold sore remedy for sores on the face, nose, mouth, and chin. Nat Mur should be taken for three days at a rate of four times a day. Nat Mur is also the best cold sore remedy when sores begin to brake and crack. Nat Mur is especially the best cold sore remedy if stress was a trigger for a cold sore.

Bittersweet can also be helpful when cold sores are aggravated by rainy, cold weather. It is the best cold sore remedy – when coming down with a cold or feeling chilly and damp. It relieves itching and burning and will work on the blistering sores by reducing inflammation.

Rhus tox (commonly known as poison ivy) is the best cold sore remedy to promote the crusting and drying up of the sore. Rhus tox can be used in counteracting many other skin rashes. By using Nat Mur and Rhus tox together there is a one/two punch as a best sore cold treatment strategy.

Sepia (cuttlefish ink) will work on nasal areas and sores around the mouth and lips. Sepia is the best cold sore remedy for people who are lethargic and in women during menopause or pregnancy. Consider Sepia if the other homeopathic methods don’t work.

Lysine is a popular remedy. It is found in potatoes, dairy, and brewers yeast. Plain yogurt will stimulate the immune system and is found to be especially beneficial. All of these foods contain lysine and can boost your resistance. Other foods such as turkey, eggs, and pumpkin and sunflower seeds are beneficial.

How to Utilize Computer Repairs Melbourne

How to Utilize Computer Repairs Melbourne

Many people depend on their computers for important tasks in their everyday lives. Freelance workers, people who work from home, and students rely on computers to help them complete some of the most important work they have. For these reasons they should take advantage of computer repairs Melbourne when their computers experience trouble. A working computer is vital to success for so many people these days. Most people can’t afford to do without a working computer. But it’s not necessary to buy a new one. If a person likes their current computer, then they just need to consult computer repairs Melbourne. 

Computer repairs Melbourne can take care of all kinds of problems. Viruses and other malicious programs can cause corruption of files. A person may not be able to safely and properly use their computer until the viruses have been removed. Spyware and other junk slow down the computer and make it less efficient. A person will be shocked at the performance of their computer after they have it repaired in Melbourne. The spyware and other programs really cause plenty of damage to a computer, and the owner of the computer might not realize it until they bring it in for repairs. 

Hardware issues can also require the assistance of 1300 Fix Now : computer repairs Melbourne. Perhaps a computer can’t hold any more information on the disks. That computer might require more RAM in order to function properly. Computers without the right amount of RAM will be extremely sluggish. They may not be able to support gaming needs at all. The computer might also need new heat sinks if the motherboard overheats. An overheated motherboard can effectively ruin a computer. If someone suspects overheating issues, then they must find a repair shop as soon as possible. Time could run out quicker than they would like. 

Anyone worried about their computer should seek help immediately from a reputable shop in Melbourne. Even if the computer just needs a quick tune-up, it can save the owner money and time in the long run. Nobody wants to scramble to buy a new computer when their current computer stops functioning. Now is a good time to take advantage of the services offered by computer repairs Melbourne. Getting a computer looked at before the problems fester is a good way to stay on top of the latest services. The computer will run like new once it has been repaired by knowledgeable people in Melbourne.